“I have been fortunate enough to have been attending therapy sessions via FaceTime with Dr. Tucci for about 6 months now. The reason I first contacted Dr. Tucci was due to my high levels of anxiety, alcohol dependency, and stress control. During the last 6 months with the help of weekly and bi weekly sessions I have drastically improved my stress and anxiety levels as well as significantly decreased my alcohol consumption. The greatest thing about this has been a change that is not immediate but is gradual. If you were to tell me I would have to abstain from alcohol for a week I would have laughed at you, now I am fortunate enough to say I would have no problem not drinking for any amount of time. Therapy has benefited me both physically and mentally and continues to do so with every session.”

This is why we do what we do. He will become an exceptional member of our armed services because he had the courage to seek help. Please let this testimony be reminder that no matter how tough you may be it is ok to speak to a qualified, confidential counselor to help you through difficult situations.

We would like to thank you Staff Sgt. for being vulnerable to seek help, for putting in the work and growing in the amazing soldier you are and will become, and lastly for being here each day. We salute you!