We need to stop this epidemic. We are here to help those military members work through their PTSD, depression, anxieties, etc. Show your support for our cause by stopping by www.hicksstrong.org for more information or share it with your military friends that may need the help. The number of Airmen taking their own lives, has already exceeded last year’s total. 78 Air Force members in the first 7 months of 2019. 78. Read that again. SEVENTY-EIGHT. 78 families torn apart. 78 futures that won’t continue. This is what 78 people looks like, on a small scale.

78 funerals.

78 why’s.

78 sets of dog tags delivered to families that can;t wrap their head around what they missed.


… and this is just the Air Force.


Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth O. Wright told Military.com during a visit to a base in New Jersey that he wanted kites to stop and handle all the unresolved emotional problems that they buried deep within themselves.

Wright said he wanted to help the pilots regain a sense of purpose for the job, even if they carry personal problems…………Feedback from pilots, said Wright, who felt worse during the broadcasts, was that they had no contact with members of their unit and the friends and family they left behind at home. ” ( https://whatsnew2day.com/ )

Making meaningful connections at home or abroad, helps. A phone call asking, hey, how are ya.. Can I do anything… it could be that simple.