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The idea for Frontline Candles was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontline Candles was made to recognize all essential workers on the frontlines during times of not only crisis, but everyday life as well.

Check out our new products! We now offer 8oz candles, 160z candles, reed diffusers, and wax melts! Our candles have new packaging too. All new scents will be placed in mason jars! 🙂

To do our part in giving back to essential workers and essential organizations we are committed to donating 20% of every order to HicksStrong.
Visit to get these amazing candles, waxes and oils and support our mission to save military lives.

Crazy Mike's Beef Jerky

From my origins on the family farm in Northeast Montana circa 1970s, I have always loved beef jerky; but had to settle for mediocre brands. I created my recipe in 1994 while in the U.S. Navy after a failed search for a great tasting beef jerky snack to re-fuel my body after exhaustive workouts.

“Crazy Mike” was dubbed by my friends due to my crazy adventures. Skydiving from 14,000 feet, scuba diving past 100 feet, marathons, triathlons, 100-mile bicycle rides, and globe-trotting underwater on nuclear submarines to name a few!

I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I enjoy creating it!

Happy Snacking! Crazy Mike

Visit and try some of his delicious beef jerky. 

A portion of each sale will be donated to HicksStrong to support our mission to save military lives.​


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